Why Cloud-Managed Video Security is Better

As 4K security cameras become more affordable, smaller, and better, they’re becoming an even more essential part of business operations than ever before. The question is, what is the best way to store all the captured videos? There are several options out there, like NVR, DVR, and cloud storage. Depending on your business needs, some of these may be more viable for your business than others. However, when it comes to the construction industry, Cloud-Managed Video Security (CMVS) is the optimal solution for several reasons.

Here are 5 Benefits of CMVS:

1. Total Cost of Ownership

Let’s start with the main concern for most businesses. How does CMVS affect the bottom line? Using CMVS technology lowers the total cost of ownership (TOC) of a video surveillance system. With reduced TCOs, many construction companies are now deploying multiple cameras around their site to watch specific points-of-interest without having to rely on just one time-lapse camera (which typically never provides high enough resolution or clarity to be a legitimate video surveillance system).

Unlike hardware-based systems like NVR or DVR, a CMVS system like inspectDeploy uses significantly less hardware and does not require hiring an IT Technician to install the system. This means the only major upfront costs are the cameras. After that, you just pay for the cloud storage as you go, which is why a CMVS system can cost 60%-80% less than an NVR or DVR system.

2. Scalability & Equipment

As of now, your construction site may only need two cameras. But as the project develops, the need to see more areas of the site in real-time will increase. Whether it’s from clients demanding more visibility or for those who are working remotely, having several cameras on site has become even more crucial.

When it comes to scalability with a hardware-based solution like NVR or DVR, these systems require more equipment, and even then, the equipment used for one project may not be compatible with your next project. All this hardware also requires costly upkeep and needing a third-party IT Technician for monthly maintenance. You may also need a temperature-controlled data closet if you have large servers holding terabytes of video data.

With a CMVS system like inspectDeploy, your project is set up for easy scalability from day one or at any phase of your project. In addition, the reduced costs of cameras and advances in 5G and WiFi have made it easy for more and more construction companies to install multiple cameras throughout their site.

inspectDeploy uses a mesh WiFi network that makes it very convenient to place cameras anywhere and as many as you want, at any point of your project phase, without the hassle of connecting a ton of wires all over your site. We use an innovative hybrid system of hardware and software with their WiFi Camera Box. It uses a durable solid-state hardware drive with protective anti-vibration isolators that automatically stores 2-3 days of data on the local drive, so that in case the internet ever goes down, your data is safe and secure. And as soon as the internet goes back up, your data is immediately uploaded to the cloud as well. Whether you want more cameras, 30 days or 5 years of video retention, or video analytics, inspectDeploy’s system gives you the freedom to scale at a much lower cost, with much more convenience and higher quality videos with just a few clicks of a button from their website.

3. Remote Access

It’s 2020, but many NVR systems still don’t have mobile apps or even web browser capabilities. One of the major benefits of a CMVS system is that you have instant access to your video recordings anytime or anywhere with the internet.

Whether you’re using an onsite or offsite computer or mobile device, inspectDeploy’s cloud-based system puts technology and video security access in the palm of your hand. Having remote access gives you the peace-of-mind to be able to check-in on your project whenever or from wherever you are. And you don’t even have to install any major software on your devices since everything is accessible from a web browser.

4. Data Security

When data is stored onsite, there’s always the possibility of losing it all, even if you have a backup system. But with a CMVS system, there are two significant advantages when it comes to data security.

Firstly, a cloud-based server protects your data from being damaged or destroyed with multiple backup servers so you never lose anything. Secondly, because a CMVS system is internet-based, it comes with built-in cybersecurity features like data encryption to protect your data from being stolen from hackers.

5. Taking Advantage of Computer Vision

Computer Vision (CV) is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that uses techniques to help computers “see” and understand the content of photographs and videos, like how a child learns how to identify a zebra or a cheetah with traits like stripes or spots. AI principles and methods are used to train CV, and the more data it can analyze and correctly label, the smarter it gets and becomes advantageous for tasks like sending safety alerts or making predictions of overall safety risk.

With a CMVS system like inspectDeploy, computer vision enables you to use your data to increase safety on your construction site. inspectDeploy is currently focusing on the following CV classifiers:

1. PPE (hardhat, safety glasses, high visibility vest)

2. Fire (fire watch)

3. Water

4. Equipment

5. Human Detection

6. Crossline Detection

A hardware-based system like NVR may have some basic video analytics but would soon be outdated and require constant software updates, or you could hire someone to stare at screens all day but let’s face it, who wants to do that. These systems are also not specific to construction, whereas inspectDeploy has been specifically engineered for construction.


CMVS systems have been very popular and are already widely used in government buildings, hospitals and airports. The benefits for any construction company are even greater, with less hardware, lower TCOs, ease of scalability, convenience, remote access, cybersecurity and reliability. A cloud-based system like inspectDeploy gives you the freedom to truly focus on what matters the most on your project instead of all the logistics and tedious upkeep of a hardware system.

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