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Actual vs Planned dates

  • Prevent surprises by tracking progress in real-time and compare it to your schedule to know if you’re ahead or behind before it’s too late to get back on track.

  • Even if you forget to update your schedule, easily view footage in the past to see if work started or ended on specific dates.

  • Identify root causes for delays, and figure out ways to avoid them in the future.

Risk Mitigation

Actual vs Planned dates

  • Delay claims often get claimed after construction is completed and are pieced together from inaccurately updated schedules and poorly written daily logs. That’s why with time-lapse and drone footage, the saying “a picture is worth 1000 words” could not be more true.

  • Proactively mitigate delays by tracking manpower counts and out-of-sequence work.

  • Quickly track PPE or safety violations in real-time or go back in time to verify violations.


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Issabelle Hill
5m ago

Looks like there’s a section of the
handrail missing. Can you check it out?

John Walsh
3m ago

Heading there now


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Labor Optimization

Working in Correct Zones

  • Increase labor productivity and eliminate non-productive time and bottle necks in the field.

  • Quickly check and make sure all trades are working in the correct zones.

  • Reduce re-work to minimize change orders and delays.

Equipment Utilization

Non-productive Time

  • If your operator is only loading half a truck or waiting 20 mins to load another truck , your productivity and bottom-line will be negatively impacted.

  • Working in correct zones and moving materials in your scope is key to hitting your profit goals.

  • Reduce idle time. If your equipment is not moving or operating in the most efficient manner, you’re losing money.