What can you do with inspectDeploy?

Avoid Rework

Make it easier to monitor the quality of work from every angle

Monitor Progress

Quickly compare daily photos to see if you're ahead or behind schedule

Team Collaboration

Clearly show what the site looks like
without having to be onsite

Identify Safety Hazards

Make your safety inspections more often and efficient

Proof of Work in Place

Accurately measure and count
quantities of materials in place

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Start managing without being onsite

360° Panoramic Footage

See your project in 360° panoramic view,
capturing your project from every angle like never before.

Some of our Favorites

Flexible plans that scale with your project needs

Pick a plan that
works for your
Billed Monthly
Billed Yearly (SAVE 20%)
Job site visit
Panoramic Photos
Waypoint Video
Time-Lapse Flight
Ground Control Points
Cloud Service & IT Support
1 Flight /month
  • Includes 4

  • Includes 1

  • $10/flight

  • $150/flight

  • $5/m

  • $10/m

2 Flight /month
  • Includes 6

  • Includes 1

  • Includes 1

  • $100/flight

  • $5/m

  • $15/m

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